Our Values

Our values guide everything that we do.

We are:
  • Evidence-driven

    • We are driven by data and evidence to find what works best, building an evidence alliance for education in sub-Saharan Africa. 

    • Through gathering insights from those we work with – from students, to university leaders, employers and policy makers – we have something new to say and get the right results. 

    • We communicate clearly and with conviction, ensuring data and evidence can be used by those who need it. 

    • We act professionally, creating evidence-based solutions so that young people achieve their ambitions and society is strengthened. 


  • Solutions-focused  
    • We seek the highest impact for young people and educators in sub-Saharan Africa with the cost- effective funds we invest. 

    • We evolve quickly to ensure our work stays relevant for young people.  

    • We measure our results and useour resources efficiently, earning credibility with our partners and investors.   

    • We know that change takes time, we focus on solving complex but urgent issues to maximise the difference we make for people in sub-Saharan Africa. 

  • Strengthening trust
    • We are accountable to young people and educators in sub-Saharan Africa.  

    • We prioritise inclusion and see strength in working across different cultures. 

    • We strive to create supportive environments, building trust with the communities we work with.  

    • We work towards positive social change, telling our story with integrity and humility. 

    “ We love the idea that ESSA has been born out of teaching learners and training teachers in schools like ours. The idea that something so bold has been sparked and shaped by our views and those of the learners is inspiring. When the ESSA team says it puts Africans at the heart of all it does it really means it.” 

    Magdalene Mtwele - Mafiga Teacher School, Morogoro Tanzania

  • Always learning
    • We listen and learn from people’s first-hand experiences about education and work across sub-Saharan Africa. 

    • We bring fresh perspectives by joining-up those who share our passion to learn, through our practical step by step approach. 

    • Everyone’s opinion is valuable, we develop solutions through teamwork. 

    • We are not afraid to both succeed and to fail, learning through experience and our curious nature.